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Saturday, January 5, 2013

In 2010 I was honored to be among this group of guys, working on
At the Mountains of Madness for Guillermo Del Toro.
Left to right: 
Guillermo, Me(geeking in my Miskatonic T-shirt), Keith Thompson,
T.Cruise, Wayne Barlowe, Guy Davis and Francisco Ruiz Velasco
and absent from this photo but present in awesome design, Peter Konig and Peter Gric.
Tho the movie was shelved It was an incredible experience and I still have hope that it will
come back to life.


Tristan Alexander said...

I was so looking forward to the movie! :( realy sad when I heard it was not being finished!

jrbarker said...

How cool is that? I really wish that movie had been made. I was sad to see the plug pulled.
Bring on Pacific Rim!

luis said...

I'm sure it was also an honor for them to have you around man. Honestly, what a team, all magnificent and talented creatures on their own.
Congrats anyway! Always a fan of your work.


helmut said...

Awe thanks for mentioning me dude. Twas fun indeed. Maybe do it again.