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Monday, January 31, 2011

Here is an extended article about Guillermo Del Toro and his many projects. "At the Mountains of Madness" is explored near the end and mention is made of part of the preproduction team (Wayne Barlowe, Peter Konig, Guy Davis and myself are mentioned) Working at Lightstorm with this particular team was an incredible experience and one that taught me a great deal. I was a total newcomer to the preproduction process but rapidly fell in love with the insane schedule and the team environment.


Private Grave said...

* SQUEE!!*
I'm very excited about this project!
Thanks for the link, I hope to see your work on the big screen!

Shreya said...

Woohoo, congrats! I feel so silly, I have always known your work as the work of "Penumbra" ( from conceptart, haha). I didn't realise Allen Willams was you, my bad. I'm sure the work is amazing and I'm extremely envious!

Anonymous said...

That's spectacular! I want your life.