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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Underdrawing for a commision of Mordred. Working on 22"by 30" arches 300lb hp watercolor paper.


Kim said...

Absolutely stunning.

Jennifer G. Oliver said...

Total awesomeness. I hope you post the finished piece somewhere!

CGriffin said...

I love the variety of textures! How did you get his face such a velvet-y grey? Blending with stumps? Gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I really LOVE your work. I wait every year to go to the Ohio Renaissance Fest just to see what new ones you are working on and which ones are finished.I have several prints from there. I love the King Arthur series.

Last time I herd you were working on the Lady of the Lake. How is that one coming? Here is where I have to be honest though....I like the original Mordred. Can't wait to see that one in color. Hope that things are well in LA for ya. Take care.